a run

On the other side of Shadow’s, I pass a nod of goodbye, I step out to face the temperamental sky.

A mixed breath of wind and cool sky tears suggest I absorb the moment and push off…

A tap of sound rushes from ear to mind and I fumble with pace as I lift and pound out motion, rhythm and thought to gain a release and build a strength so draining I’ve captured the escapism.   I run, I push, I pant, I wrench against pain, pressure and resolve, as the bass and beat beat harder and louder and pull me down into a meditational spiral of thought.  The beginning and end of invincibility possess me in a moment.

A run, it’s a run, just a run, just do it, come on!  I’ve started it, finish it. …options?… none! current course, memorized, seasonal and daily obstacles known, it’s beautiful, I love this part, not much traffic out, oh, I need to pound harder, breathe, pace, focus, be sleek, the air is clean, my lungs feel free, my gut, shit, I need to vomit, breathe, it’ll pass, breathe, pace, course, anticipation, exceed the expectation, push, harder, faster, push to the pause time… pause… go!  last, push, rush, pound, breathe, focus, prepare… beep!

Oh geez, I hope I don’t stink, this elevator is crowded today!




Joy Jane June

22nd short 04.07.2019 a run

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