Breakfast Club Seattle Mission

Breakfast Club Seattle’s mission is to bridge the gap between social media and real life.

BCSea, networking events, was initially created by myself and Conner Cayson.  Jess Tupper, came on board when Conner and I started planning our very first BCSea event and she will continue to be an intricate part of future events.  Conner, Jess and I followed and liked each others content on Instagram.  From there I reached out to them individually and began a growing connection and friendship.  After my first meeting with Conner, I suggested we meet again and open it to the public, Breakfast Club Seattle was created.

In social media, Influencer is defined as an established person of credibility utilizing social media to promote specific genres and industries.  An Influencer is one with a vast reach through followers that spans beyond local circles and has the resources to persuade and influence within and outside their targeted audience.

I personally am quite intrigued with social media.  I also understand it is not for many and their reasonings as well.  The majority that utilizes social media is not an Influencer, by social media’s definition, and not everyone wants to be.

An intriguing aspect I find with social media and those striving to be of a particular status, it allows one to be their own boss but, like anything in life, it takes work, time and attention and the payoff may not be so glamorous in real life as perceived.

For those who’s goals are to become a defined Influencer, go for it, I applaud you, chase your passions and drive yourself forward.  And for those that are a Social Media Influencer,  have resources and tools making their comfortable livelihood, once had a humble beginning.  Yet, what most fail to recognize, those that are putting that work, time and attention are already an Influence regardless of where their standing is on the scale.

Here within Breakfast Club, everyone utilizing social media are welcomed and encouraged to attend for we recognize that “all” are an Influencer in their own right.  One never knows who they will meet and connect with, after that initial awkwardness passes… a future business partner, a future bridesmaid or best man, a future friend to hold you, the “you just have to cry…”  future somebody.

Building bridges utilizing the tools we have at hand and sometimes the most important tool is simply ourselves.

Yes, we all get lost in our devices and want to make a post but we are also flesh and blood  and being social in real life is more important now than ever… that physical connection cannot be lost and at Breakfast Club we want to not only bridge that gap between social media and real life… we want the two to merge and it can work.

If you want to reach out, be a venue host or come to a Breakfast Club event, please feel free to contact us:

Breakfast Club Seattle: Instagram #breakfastclubsea

Paige Kang: . Instagram

Conner Cayson: Instagram . Twitter

Jess Tupper: Seattle Dessert Geek . Instagram . YouTube . Twitter


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