Corner Produce @ Pike Place Public Market

Where the one-way, red brick road lays foundation for an experience to be had, people of the world adorn the road and sidewalks of Pike Place Public Market.  Not only a market attraction for tourists and locals alike, this is an intricate neighborhood and heart of the city.

To speak only of the market as a whole would be an injustice to all the components that make up the body for every red brick, stall and person are vital to the survival and function of the market. One of six produce stands, referred to as highstalls, throughout the market, Corner Produce is found at the corner of the market’s entryway where approximately ten million travelers from around the world pass by annually.  Whether it be to run an errand, grab a bite, collect provisions, gifts or experiences, the ten million travelers are a collective of the people coming to and within the market and Corner Produce is in the central nervous system and is a key influencer of how those traveler’s experiences will begin.

Sipping coffee and interviewing Peter, Corner Produce Director, a fire, passion and drive emanate from his eyes. In conjunction with Peter’s striving ambition to provide product of high caliber to the public, acquired in his upbringing and membership in a culinary society, his contribution through networking has built a solid foundation for behind the scenes growing success of Corner Produce.

Overseeing a surprisingly large number of employees tucked within the highstall, Peter does not compromise when it comes to the standards of not only product but of the employees as well.  Not just a person engaged in manual labor, stocking and being a cashier, most of the Corner Produce representatives dabble as Customer Service and Logistic Agents, Nutritionists, Cuisine Advisors and Personal Shoppers.  Yes, they are there to serve the public but they are also there to make a living and to be at the heart of the market where the ventricles become congested with traffic by foot and automobile is understandably an arduous task that tests the patience and ability to manage the demands around them.  Compromise, not an option when it comes to working within Pike Place Public Market that is known worldwide and considered to be a “must-shop” when in Seattle.

The produce you will find at the market comes from around the world mostly in the colder weathered seasons; come the warmer time of the year the highstalls are teeming with local produce.  Despite the produce origins, packaging, handling and displaying are vital and necessary to not only the bottom line but most importantly to the visual aesthetics and seduction of patrons.  Each highstall proudly displays and boasts of their produce and rightly so.  Not to say there isn’t friendly competition, yes, but more importantly, they are neighbors and when one needs a cup of sugar, they are more than happy to help out for they are part of a community tightly intertwined to strengthen and support the market neighborhood.

Each highstall is an integral component to the market and Corner Produce is located at a highly regarded and coveted location with a rich history as a produce highstall.  Therefore, the standards and expectations set forth, by the market, to preserve that history have been altered by a dramatic, bold and progressive arrangement of Corner Produce and Ellenos Yogurt proving that the complimentary success of the two go hand in hand.  And as a regular patron, I have recently seen a rapidly growing influx of traffic throughout the seasons leaving little downtime 363 days of the year the market is open… rain or shine… and the occasional snow.  And with this influx, Pike Place Public Market, a historic landmark, is as well, making dramatic, bold and progressive arrangements and extensions to meet the patron’s standards and expectations.

It is here, where the one-way, red brick road lays foundation, I will run through, taste, photograph and write more stories as I explore and experience this intricate neighborhood and heart of the city.

Corner Produce at Pike Place Public Market

(click on each image to take a closer look)

Corner Produce
Corner Produce

A sincere and deeply heartfelt thank you to:

Peter and his staff at Corner Produce

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