Under The Steps

Not to be forgotten, Not to be overlooked, As I gaze down to my feet, all others crane their sights up to the skies. Seen, a delicate satin path whisked aside and under the steps as the breeze ripples through the fallen and decaying wave. Left to the brutality of traffic flow, each soft, fragile … More Under The Steps

The Drought

Through these eyes, a spectrum of beauty throughout the city is had. Happening upon the perfect platform is a treasure in its discovery for I am able to experiment and express how I view all that surrounds me. When I share my perspective of beauty I hope for others to find inspiration and to discover … More The Drought

Candy Coated Vaca

Sitting at the bank of the wave pool with cold, raw pruned feet and dehydrated and goosebumped body wrapped in a damp towel emanating an aroma saturated with chorine, I’m simply happy. The Great Wolf Lodge is crowded with children’s shrieks of excitement and laughter and parents in a broad spectrum of dispositions. Family vacations … More Candy Coated Vaca

Lap Du Jour

It’s no use, crying over spilt soup du jour. It was my birthday and of course I had to go to Loulay Kitchen & Bar.  The absolute joy shows in my face but what you don’t know is the horror story that proceeded the second after. While I was delicately rearranging the items to capture the best … More Lap Du Jour