love: relationships of understanding: mystery of the visual and inner workings… of them and of you, I love. Joy Jane June 48th short 08.30.2019 untitled

inflated realm

Mirrored in my eyes, I am not you. If blinded, do the insecurities of pain, helplessness and defeat of self image alter? If sighted, do the shields of anguish, realism and humility of self image create damage? The you of you, I know not. The me of you, I desire. The they of you is … More inflated realm


Is this lost feeling good? The opening of air rushing in as my frame expands to climax, perspective shifts and I sink inside… What words spoken are meticulously black or white, words and their definition… definitions have webs of intent and perception… I deconstruct so far as to “organize” into constituent parts; solely, to create … More deconstruct


The cabinet holds the trinkets of memories… gone events, faded emotions, worn details… . . . I close the cabinet, shaking off the tape recorded conversation running on a loop in my head. Ki is here. His muscular languid stride up the stairs, is fluid but heavy… I don’t know how many stairs down I … More doors


I will not ignore my cravings for a reward. … will you? Joy Jane June 41st short 08.18.2019 reward


Look. When I am of occupation, I am suspended and locked in the mind as I exercise my senses… “Th-when” my mind searches and lashes out, the mastery of boredom is understood… the pleasures, the stimulation and the captivity of art and creation bring a giddy of fun… Discovering and rediscovering have a newness with … More boredom