It’s Tuesday

Night has made its dramatic appearance. The F & The F is the place.  An eclectic world that coaxes the truth from its patrons.  Clashes, unity and respect are the accepted understanding and rules that uphold TF’s. Rooms that puzzle around each other, to host one world within brick, wood and glass, are styled by … More It’s Tuesday


A history as a constant reminder of our connection now.  Most of my clients appear through a portal from Mae because we understand each other. The latest commissioned piece was requested to be inspired by my hate. I wont. They rejected my wont and asked for me to create from the result of hate.  Peace, … More magic


A resolution of hate, gave a newness to a life that was not befitting of myself. Rosie watches… The moment hate killed Mae, was the moment my flesh was compromised.  She knew the violence in her blood turned black and never again will the innocent and pure blood flow. Panic blurred my emotions as pain’s … More acknowledgement

Rosie watches

The experiences of hate, I remember one. Anger, frustration and hopelessness are emotions I’ve come to terms with. However, hate is the only emotion I will give my life so as not to experience again. After being found between the pea patch and the compost, I was placed with a family and after a temporary … More Rosie watches

a day of work

The exhilaration in the end of “a day of work” (well, at least… a day, 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 84,600 seconds… at least), is a sad weight being released. Part of my process to create one piece, one piece simply because I made a promise, is by force in a way full of challenges, confrontations, … More a day of work


In preparations to explore the work process, a routine that is meant to be broken, I follow the path of mind and heart. Although art school didn’t open its doors to the impossible, it was an integral part of the process to bring me to the career that chose me.  As any job, I love … More defining


Cheers, Me Thank you for your kindness, I cannot let it go unnoticed how genuine of a being you are.  I’ve learned to understand your broad range of talent, intellect and creativity, and how those have shaped you into this person with confidence, limitations and drive.  You gift yourself to others and with grace, process … More Cheers,

Survival Technique #1

A crack of sunlight radiates heat while illuminating the delicate, weightless dust that swirls and parts as air’s existence is disturbed by motion. It’s a typically beautiful day full of ritual routines and when I have my mind in focus to absorb the complexities of this world, I savor each minute passing. Today, I cannot … More Survival Technique #1