As I exit the door… Is this the last I will see you? . . . rita a life gone. a friend forever. my heart yearns for you. an emptiness envelopes where you sat a suffocating ache clenches forever remember with lite forever remember with genius forever my dear friend. . . . . . … More rita

Confiscated sleep

Confiscated sleep. A war has awoken… a private war shared between the creative and the structure.  A path that is stretched far and deep from this soul.  Do not whisper of responsibilities, without the commitment to oneself, a shell of actions take hold and control is on solid ground.  A ground where a minimal art … More Confiscated sleep


Walking through the leaves is a thrill. A world of senses are heightened The slip of a fall surges a deep breath The crunch and cradling of the leaves comfort Walking through the leaves is a thrill.

in person

If I were unable to verbally communicate with you eye to eye, I would create in hopes my thoughts and heart were properly being expressed. A walk. Baking Writing Photos, I’ve taken A smile from the eyes Time spent together I would tell you everything through my actions I create. 10.11.18 spoken


Letter – freedom Search for that what is inside is my enlightenment. Freedom from freedom a gratifyingly laborious task. In relief so is my enlightenment. 10.11.18 vicious cycle


Letter – Thank Tears in thanks, I bow my head as I expand with tenderness that innocence cannot compare. Instilled with a dark soul, I cling to the good and hunt for hope. There you stand. In tears of thanks.   10.10.18 vain.

1010 – 18

When you’ve just received news your father has stage 4 tumors… I begin to feel this sunken withering cry swell deep within my chest.  My body sways, my mind is pressing hard, beyond comfort. for an escape.  This is me falling. Letter – Heart I’ve regretted enough and a little too few of knowing if … More 1010 – 18

Slaying Galentine’s

As Angie, Autumn and Kusum exquisitely advance down the strategically placed attention stopping stairs, all eyes, in the modernized earthy-chic Urbane Restaurant, gravitate towards these women gathering for a photoshoot and brunch in celebration of Galentine’s.  The slightest turn of the head, a curl and pucker of the lips and a pop of body form; all natural motions … More Slaying Galentine’s