Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Brownie base, topped with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Dark Chocolate Glaze, Candy Honeycomb and a dash of sea salt Baked by Whip Patisserie – me


fait maison Meringue Egg w/ Lemon Custard & Candied Bacon Baked by Whip Patisserie – me

Cafe Pettirosso

As the rain’s pitter patter rendezvous with the collective of puddles, each drop crescendos in comparison to the cafe’s still.  Shadows of a classic Italian cafe filled with operatic emotion linger behind a door ajar giving a darkened glimpse into quaint secrets and treasured stories. Beautifully aged stories of twenty-four years are so complex in the riches of … More Cafe Pettirosso

A Dash of Khanna

Turning the corner onto East Roy Street, a hushed wisp of air lifts as the occasional vehicle drifts by an historic 1930’s building.  Originally known as the Studio Building, the Loveless Building in Capitol Hill was the foundation for artists’ address of creations and retreat. As I stand across the street peering into the windows of Cook … More A Dash of Khanna