Cafe Pettirosso

As the rain’s pitter patter rendezvous with the collective of puddles, each drop crescendos in comparison to the cafe’s still.  Shadows of a classic Italian cafe filled with operatic emotion linger behind a door ajar giving a darkened glimpse into quaint secrets and treasured stories. Beautifully aged stories of twenty-four years are so complex in the riches of … More Cafe Pettirosso

A Dash of Khanna

Turning the corner onto East Roy Street, a hushed wisp of air lifts as the occasional vehicle drifts by an historic 1930’s building.  Originally known as the Studio Building, the Loveless Building in Capitol Hill was the foundation for artists’ address of creations and retreat. As I stand across the street peering into the windows of Cook … More A Dash of Khanna

Raised Doughnuts

they rise up They pop-up They smile from the heart They laugh from the belly they are creative they are delicious … They are supportive … They are there for her and she is Mi … they are for you… from Mi The first I ever heard of Raised Doughnuts was well over a month … More Raised Doughnuts

Eltana Bagels

Simple acts of understanding, kindness and non-judgment have minuscule to behemoth power in influence that may not always be recognized. This morning I entered into Eltana Bagels daydreaming about bagels and after much deliberation I stepped up with a confident order. As my total was presented to me, realization struck hard, I didn’t have enough … More Eltana Bagels

The Crumpet Shop

In the early mornings, The Crumpet Shop is illuminated by bright lights as they dance across 1st Ave into the large windows giving a hint of merriment to the already cheerful and hectic little shop.  And as I enter in, warmth with a buttery griddled goodness encompasses my senses as giddy cravings wet my appetite for … More The Crumpet Shop

My Sunday Thursday

As the air thickens with a humid warmth, the leisurely flow of pedestrian traffic keeps pace with the automobiles’ quiet roll.  There’s no rush on this rather quiet Thursday mid morning as it grants me permission to sit and relish in an encompassing atmospheric lunch. This modest space is Sunday, my kind of Sunday where the room is a muffled … More My Sunday Thursday