Morning Light

In the morning lightHearts of cheer and eyes of appreciationI step forth into the warmthShadows light the doorAnd within these wallsThe ladies of modern day of wonder have the love of people, food and their cafes tattooed in their hearts and souls… truly sacrificing time and money to enrich the neighborhood and community before oneself … More Morning Light

hot chocolate cake

Hot pepper dark chocolate cake and ganache with candied Thai chili peppers Baked by Whip Patisserie – me I try not to shy away from working out of my comfort zone… cakes are out of my comfort zone… I’ve had to make 3 different cakes of various heights to figure out the right timing to … More hot chocolate cake


fait maison Meringue Egg w/ Lemon Custard & Candied Bacon Baked by Whip Patisserie – me

Cafe Pettirosso

As the rain’s pitter patter rendezvous with the collective of puddles, each drop crescendos in comparison to the cafe’s still.  Shadows of a classic Italian cafe filled with operatic emotion linger behind a door ajar giving a darkened glimpse into quaint secrets and treasured stories. Beautifully aged stories of twenty-four years are so complex in the riches of … More Cafe Pettirosso

A Dash of Khanna

Turning the corner onto East Roy Street, a hushed wisp of air lifts as the occasional vehicle drifts by an historic 1930’s building.  Originally known as the Studio Building, the Loveless Building in Capitol Hill was the foundation for artists’ address of creations and retreat. As I stand across the street peering into the windows of Cook … More A Dash of Khanna

Raised Doughnuts

they rise up They pop-up They smile from the heart They laugh from the belly they are creative they are delicious … They are supportive … They are there for her and she is Mi … they are for you… from Mi The first I ever heard of Raised Doughnuts was well over a month … More Raised Doughnuts

Eltana Bagels

Simple acts of understanding, kindness and non-judgment have minuscule to behemoth power in influence that may not always be recognized. This morning I entered into Eltana Bagels daydreaming about bagels and after much deliberation I stepped up with a confident order. As my total was presented to me, realization struck hard, I didn’t have enough … More Eltana Bagels

The Crumpet Shop

In the early mornings, The Crumpet Shop is illuminated by bright lights as they dance across 1st Ave into the large windows giving a hint of merriment to the already cheerful and hectic little shop.  And as I enter in, warmth with a buttery griddled goodness encompasses my senses as giddy cravings wet my appetite for … More The Crumpet Shop

My Sunday Thursday

As the air thickens with a humid warmth, the leisurely flow of pedestrian traffic keeps pace with the automobiles’ quiet roll.  There’s no rush on this rather quiet Thursday mid morning as it grants me permission to sit and relish in an encompassing atmospheric lunch. This modest space is Sunday, my kind of Sunday where the room is a muffled … More My Sunday Thursday

🍪 is for Lowrider

It’s simple, cookies and brownies.  Is it really?… As I entered into Optimism Brewing Company, the immense space is brimming with wee ones, Seattleites and their furry companions as many enjoy the goodness of the beer culture in this space of an elevated indoor family pot-luck/picnic atmosphere.  And amidst all this joy is the happiest … More 🍪 is for Lowrider

Hello Neighbor

A few days ago, as my morning run draws to completion, the familiar silhouette of a man leisurely standing with a cup of coffee flashes past my peripheral observance.  Is this Seattle Coffee Works and are they opening a location on Capitol Hill?  Without hesitation I immediately direct message inquiring about this possibility and it is true. … More Hello Neighbor


Despite bringing the pace down I continued to run with purpose for all intentions were directed to a particular bakery; then in mid running motion, the glass box was figuratively unveiled.  Scanning with scrutinizing eyes, in passing, I peer down and noticed a framed lit sign stating hours of operation and my body reacts with a full 180 turn prior to my cognitive acknowledgement. … More SELEUŠS

Admixtures of Spring

As each vibrated shock connects foot and concrete an imaginary explosion of saturated springtime chroma travel the cracked surface. A purity of color, a beautiful reflection of scrolling shadows ghost my motions as if pounding out a lucid running daydream. It’s raw reality, it’s freedom it is an exhilarated high like none other. Taking pause … More Admixtures of Spring


If I were the lumbering sort, I may need the embrace and comfort of the woods where miscellaneous articles are patched together in a naturally raw disorder. Where vision beyond is thick and dense and loss of space and time cut away clarified awareness. Lithesome in thought I enter into the urbane forest as the … More Lumbering

Journey from…

You’ve journeyed from afar and dare to darken my doorstep, you dare cloud my thought as you cry tears and bring a chill. You push back as the sun shines down for it emanates promises of warmth and change. I dare challenge you, I dare sit here between shade and mist and cracks of light … More Journey from…


Having the luxury to stroll around the barren sidewalks and rubbled roads of Sodo, a place that hides its treasures and where one is on the hunt in the industrial forest, I make way to a clearing where green, topped with a white crown, stands high above signifying refuge and replenishment. It’s just after the lunch rush and … More Veg-Wich


Imbued by the early luciferous evening, people abandoned the places they had taken shelter, in the past days, from the relentless rain.  Gleeful and anxious to capture the moment, the streets are bustling and crowds grow as I approach Pike Place Public Market.  Despite the Market just closing, the red-brick street is yet not quiet as the rolling rubber … More Wine-o…mg!!!

Would you like one “o” or two?

Lovingly being teased by my husband on my nasal pronunciation of Macaron, I adjudged it wise to educate myself on Macarons/Macaroons.  Without a doubt proper research must be conducted; therefore, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks consuming mounds of Macarons from 12 establishments throughout Seattle metropolitan. Highlighted in the gallery below, are my final selections of cookies … More Would you like one “o” or two?

House of Ballard: lunch

The epiphany of arriving at opening or not long after has become a truly desirable time I crave.  Despite witnessing, at numerous places upon opening, paces of chaos, rapidity, deliberateness and leisure there is a moment where quiet, collective and tranquil air permeates the beginning day and I find it to be the purest representation of the place I’ve entered. 11:02am, the doors are unlocked and I … More House of Ballard: lunch

Caviar Confession

I confess, it was premeditated. The research I gathered on my target needed to be confirmed, exact location and time schedule, regardless of carefully laid out plans. Running past, I casually slowed my pace as if I was tired.  I peered through the windows and checked the details… confirmation.  As I picked up the pace and … More Caviar Confession

My dearest Honey

My dearest Honey, In the mid morning we met, I had no yearning to fill until by chance I crossed your path. How simply beautiful and elegant you looked.  Dare I say, you took my breath away. Despite my ghastly appearance from rigorous exercise, you did not turn away… and I swear I heard you … More My dearest Honey