Turn the Paige

Exposure… out there within… Once the book is cracked Vulnerability seeps Pages displayed the beginnings The structure of these beginnings mirror uniquely to this book Broken down from structure, each word is built up from the points of individual letters Turn the Paige… Once the book is open Vulnerability seeps

Morning Light

In the morning lightHearts of cheer and eyes of appreciationI step forth into the warmthShadows light the doorAnd within these wallsThe ladies of modern day of wonder have the love of people, food and their cafes tattooed in their hearts and souls… truly sacrificing time and money to enrich the neighborhood and community before oneself … More Morning Light

darken the dark

Cracking illumination of falling night, bleeds through the vertical shades, drawing my gaze. I’m lonely. I want him to bring me close, hold me tight to his heat and heart. I’m lonely. He builds a glass cage, for whom? I’m in this room, in this home overflowing of years built in glass walls. I’m granted … More darken the dark

emotions are contagious

The basic and natural instinctive state of consciousness are our emotions. We are a species that have complex emotions and are highly affected by our own and external emotions as well. In this heightened time of worldwide emotions, keep in mind, all emotions are contagious too. Go forth and be well to live another day.


Building confidence is a very lonely internal journey . . . Hating without understand where it started creates a shield that can become a weapon I’ve underestimated the levels of hate, disguised as annoyances, jealousies and misdirected concerns Digging out of the pits of hate takes time, effort and commitments . . . Confidence is … More Hate

No Doubt

I don’t doubt you care, my friend Your reasons for immersing yourself into my problems is not a healthy relationship for anyone When we can come to each other with open ears and set aside words and allow our hearts to sync, we can move forward… I hope for a connection we both are invested … More No Doubt


Painting: WILLOW BADER FOREVER AND A SONG Venue: The Tin Table 2nd short WILDFLOWER series: Over 10.19.2019


He was always a friend and never noticed me. Watching him live a life with such ease was mesmerizing… walking on fluid air with the weight of strength, warmth and knowledge of intelligence so incomprehensible. He was always a friend that loved and gave to the broken… the broken gravitated towards me and my heart … More broken


love: relationships of understanding: mystery of the visual and inner workings… of them and of you, I love. Joy Jane June 48th short 08.30.2019 untitled

a history frozen

* * * ✳︎ ❊ □ The silent air suspends its weightless; the geometric crystalized flakes of broken water obey gravity’s pull. This fall is a marionetting display of dance and enchantment, proving the magic of atmosphere. If existence of interstellar ice is abundant, in the discoverer’s mind, a frozen history is preserved; does the … More a history frozen

inflated realm

Mirrored in my eyes, I am not you. If blinded, do the insecurities of pain, helplessness and defeat of self image alter? If sighted, do the shields of anguish, realism and humility of self image create damage? The you of you, I know not. The me of you, I desire. The they of you is … More inflated realm