Sunday Special

Sundays are my magic days.  Somewhere in my memories, the connection between a special day is solidified on Sunday.  

The warm magnified sunlight pressing into my back attracts sparkling dust and the air is clean and dry.   A blanket of peaceful solitude embolds me to let my mind stretch out and explore creativity…  

Volume up. Way up and the beat vibrates into the imagination… Drawing… Lines lingering far beyond as they are fading and blending into a creative form of expression. Volume up. Way up and rearrange everything and nothing… these are those special and innocent moments.

Since then, Sundays almost were forgotten until I realized Sundays are any day. …This Sunday was a Sunday… a special moment of realization in learning how to redesign solitude and own myself with the struggles and in doing so, I repel the personal vintage doubt and find how to repurpose… let’s get to work!

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