darken the dark

Cracking illumination of falling night, bleeds through the vertical shades, drawing my gaze. I’m lonely. I want him to bring me close, hold me tight to his heat and heart. I’m lonely. He builds a glass cage, for whom? I’m in this room, in this home overflowing of years built in glass walls.

I’m granted sight in the dark. I stare… I focus… and I pace as the lonely embraces my heart and twists to cruelly clutch my attention and forces me to see the empty and lonely environment I’ve built.

Self pity suffocates me as I bury deep within the dark, cold and empty room… I’m lonely… His distance, right there, is heartbreaking… I stretch myself between the unrequited love and inner manic of pain crushing my heart… “I love you. I give all of my tender, vulnerable and empathetic heart. I hold you tight and comfort your mind in the quiet and dream of a unified understanding of no words. I cheer on your accomplishments and lift you high into the clouds of euphoria. I invite you on my adventures with hope you will be by my side as I embrace, support (and hope you let me follow) yours. I will burn down walls and charge to your side. I give all my quivering being for I am naked, I am yours…” …”I no longer want to live with the inner manic of pain… I struggle for I’ve denied myself the respect I deserve and I’ve allowed you to bury me deeper down into the darkening.

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