stranger within

When we were pre-teens, Rosie wrote me the most beautiful hate letter.

The delicate envelope was made from fine fibers tinted with the blush of pink and with hand drawn flowers so beautiful and detailed only added to the charm of the fat envelope.

Inside a treasure of hate bursted at the seams and the pages gush out as you open it.

. . .

I don’t understand why you deserve to breathe… you don’t… your life, the food, the things and this home you will never be deserving of.

Your personality downfall is you… you don’t see what is, you don’t hear what is… you are giant weak rotating ball of misconstruction.

You are a waste in my life.

Learn to find a way to throw yourself away before we are all compelled to for it is the inevitable; let alone taxing on us.

Not your sister nor friend,


P.S. I hate the woman that let you live.

Joy Jane June

37th short 08.06.2019 stranger within

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