Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Brownie base, topped with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Dark Chocolate Glaze, Candy Honeycomb and a dash of sea salt Baked by Whip Patisserie – me


The cabinet holds the trinkets of memories… gone events, faded emotions, worn details… . . . I close the cabinet, shaking off the tape recorded conversation running on a loop in my head. Ki is here. His muscular languid stride up the stairs, is fluid but heavy… I don’t know how many stairs down I … More doors


I will not ignore my cravings for a reward. … will you? Joy Jane June 41st short 08.18.2019 reward


Look. When I am of occupation, I am suspended and locked in the mind as I exercise my senses… “Th-when” my mind searches and lashes out, the mastery of boredom is understood… the pleasures, the stimulation and the captivity of art and creation bring a giddy of fun… Discovering and rediscovering have a newness with … More boredom