give with loss

How do I separate my heart to give love worthy of you?  Promises to offer you all the love in me, is a lie… for you are part of a treasured collection.

How do I separate promises of time, where it is parallel to the responsibilities, requirements and demands that rob seconds, days and time of life… is it as simple as the moment of now?

This life, bestowed upon me (with questions of value), may I not squander, is an inherent life to be donated and of service to you and those… but not without its aftereffects.

I recede to the human pitfalls of being of weak in mind and heart… selfishness embraces me with a grip of anguish and I disintegrate into a beast of horror before periods of transition allow me to collect my faults (and hide a piece of myself so as not to give with loss) so as to temporarily box them away.  Once restored and clear of my ugly, I am prepared to be open and offer all I possess to spill vulnerabilities.

… … …

Begging in prayer for you to not be in pain with sorrow, I am here so your worries may be passed through my tears… offer your hand, feel this beat deep within my chest, allow the pulse extract you out of your cave and allow me to embrace you… accept the pure and raw love I offer.

Joy Jane June

34th short 06.29.2019 give with loss

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