Survival Technique #4

When disappointment gawks, glares and points disapproval, the heartache and emotional sentencing feel so criminal and recovering from the falsities of those judgements take time I allude to refusal in the investment. Instinct of survival pulling in a multitude of directions, I am in search of healing through the natural beauty to bring about a … More Survival Technique #4

give with loss

How do I separate my heart to give love worthy of you?  Promises to offer you all the love in me, is a lie… for you are part of a treasured collection. How do I separate promises of time, where it is parallel to the responsibilities, requirements and demands that rob seconds, days and time … More give with loss


Rita said she’s almost ready for death. After the death of her son, she felt that being whole was of the past and every moment she could grasp, she hoarded the memories. . . . “I lived my life unsure of my value as a mother. For many selfish and unselfish actions and words; I … More searching


Choosing to be. Away from the traps of myself. Away from the crosshairs of you. Quiet I see. Colors I hear. Choosing to continue. Joy Jane June 32nd short 06.19.2019 be