golden glow of grease

Night graciously escorts incandescence out of sight, as the city’s mood sparkles and fades in waves of shifting life. Energies of life and form grow in a transformation of an uncertainty and thrill.

Dampness evaporates from the soiled platform of earth as a drying westerly breath of air brings a shiver of comfort, it’s time to party.

In unison, I step over the threshold of evaporated renewal as night’s existence extends a beckoning and I follow the path down into the world below… far below into the dark. And dark begins to darken as the dive bars serve up class beneath the deep.

. . .

We… but not we as in we… are slumped with blind composure as we cheer off in search of the golden glow of grease!

Looking at him, my mind disconnects…

. . .

When I lost him, I sat in an all encapsulating thought.

Don’t take others of personal connection for granted in those times of petty frustrations, anger and issues… those were the times I needed to drop the act of jealousy, sadness and loneliness… you were what was important and now I will morn this regret and move forward loving the love we had.

Joy Jane June

28th short 05.01.2019 golden glow of grease

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