rolls of thunder

“Bye Rosie (shame on me for hoping and believing).”

Rosie walks past, her perpetual sadness sinks and weighs on her happiness. Her insecurities are beyond microscopic and I wonder… Do you have to rip hate through our existence? What is hurting you so much that casting that level of anguish is all that brings you a temporary relief? My desire and attempts of being a sister is exhausting, my love for Rosie, is easy.

. . .

He peaks out of Shadow’s with a longing.

Oh yeah, I can use his help! But, I’ll refrain…

. . .

Rolls of thunder bounce and the clap of light threaten promises of torment as wind blows past with a sharp cut of cold… damnit! I have a lot boxes!

Joy Jane June

26th short 04.17.2019 rolls of thunder

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