I should have gotten a chai… Shadow’s baristas are a collective of the ethically working diversity… god like to completely useless.  Why do I go here?  Well, I live above it, it has the comforts of a convenient cabin in the city and it smells damn good… so good!  And he is here.

Romance, my worth, I have to earn it, without that I am nothing.

To you, I give time, the stop of the world.. I will fight forces that pressure you down and damage your soul.  I carry you deeper than conceived, your life, so precious, to my heart. Pain, I will shed tears so as to pull that far away in hopes to sooth your damage.

Let me be the table for your burdens, rest your head and let me run my love through your hair and on your skin, Tender you are and I will nurture that shelled exterior.  I wish you to be strong and hold yourself up for that is where you are.

To you, my worth is nothing.



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Joy Jane June

21st short 04.05.2019 Nomance

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