chaos charge

The stairs are humbling. Descend, ascend… balance, agility and endurance, at times I’m guilty of taking for advantage but today… These boxes have flipped my day. . . . All is done and all too quiet. This place, my home… old uncultured wood delicately framing stone and brick. The vast space is spring-fresh clean that … More chaos charge

rolls of thunder

“Bye Rosie (shame on me for hoping and believing).” Rosie walks past, her perpetual sadness sinks and weighs on her happiness. Her insecurities are beyond microscopic and I wonder… Do you have to rip hate through our existence? What is hurting you so much that casting that level of anguish is all that brings you … More rolls of thunder


Walking it out on the streets, segregated block to block, the flow of traffic is mundane at this hour; leaving me in a stifling muted bubble of contemplation. …now I stink. Around the corner, I pick up pace ready to climb the stairs just as all, suddenly isn’t Rosie… Rosie is annoyed with her pursed … More be-strangers

the happy runner

“Do you feel happy to be alive?” Pink Scarf: “I’m alive, my wife is not, my daughter is my life… when I am no longer living,  will I have died happy?… am I happy?…” . . . As pink scarf shifts with the other 12, I pause to see them divide, divide again, and again … More the happy runner

14 stories

13 😐+🚲+ 🐕 + 🧳=🚉 A metal box, falling and rising.  A metal box and 14 stories.  A metal box delivering us deep into the earth and as we willing plummet ourselves down… stories of them linger above… Pink Scarf: a congratulation’s gift from his daughter Racing Bicycle: retired messenger that knows freedom. Black leather … More 14 stories

a run

On the other side of Shadow’s, I pass a nod of goodbye, I step out to face the temperamental sky. A mixed breath of wind and cool sky tears suggest I absorb the moment and push off… A tap of sound rushes from ear to mind and I fumble with pace as I lift and … More a run


I should have gotten a chai… Shadow’s baristas are a collective of the ethically working diversity… god like to completely useless.  Why do I go here?  Well, I live above it, it has the comforts of a convenient cabin in the city and it smells damn good… so good!  And he is here. … Romance, … More Nomance