sipsee zign

It was always the last one of the night… just a sippy-sip!


What time is it?  It’s dark out, the sky is crying and I’m a royal train wreck.  My gut cramps with anger, my mind strobe lights thought and agony and I just wish I could crawl… away from myself.

Welcome to my next 5 days off from work!

To Do List:


The warmed breeze escorted the rain off to another land.  Streets mirage a world above and everyone… everyone is a level up in life.  The weight of cloth, emotion and time become a bit looser and unnecessary and the cravings we experience for change is contagious.

In half motion of stumbling and strutting, I carry myself to Shadow’s.  Light comes in forms of aromas that shake and fine tune my being… I’m awake and I want…

I have admiration for the baristas that personify god, science and art, warmth and comfort, I’ll sit here a bit longer… sipping and reading…

“sipsee zign” is a $1 zine.  A singular paper folded with stuff and no stuff.  Sitting here, I origami through this zine… a local random, a store, a cupcake and stuff…  what a nice way to pass time…

so as you see, last I sippy sip, now I sip and see… sipsee



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Joy Jane June

20th short 04.05.2019 sipsee zign



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