It’s Tuesday

Night has made its dramatic appearance.

The F & The F is the place.  An eclectic world that coaxes the truth from its patrons.  Clashes, unity and respect are the accepted understanding and rules that uphold TF’s.

Rooms that puzzle around each other, to host one world within brick, wood and glass, are styled by starving artists to express their interpretation of comfort and home.  Depending on my mood, I find myself frequent certain rooms but exploring the others is a way to get lost in thought and self.  Open 24 hours, the space always accepts the firsts for anything…

Tonight, I need to throw my body around to the music that pounds relentlessly, building up the adrenaline and jumping high into the sticky salty bubbles.  My knees will go weak and I will fall.  It’s Tuesday, kids are being trained to conform to a schedule and I plan to play!  Play hard, dance hard and release.

The freedom to let go, be loose and pass into the fog are temptations I crave after an intensely deep soul gutting piece.  The client is happy but I am not.  Creating is a taxing action and yet, I yearn for it.  I am happy the client is happy.  I’m simply exhausted.

Let me wrap my legs around The Flapper & The Fur, The F & The F, TF’s… and draw comfort from within.




Joy Jane June

19th short 03.25.2019 It’s Tuesday



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