The Flapper & The Fur

Style, the drug of choice.  I’ve never met one that does not have style.

My style? Ping Pong!  The inclusive reaction that tests the boundaries of the predictable with contradiction.

The city is addicted to the magnetism of style and with social life evolving, style is a glue.

The day(s) of work soak into the night and I need to let go.

The Flapper & The Fur use to be a library and before that, a museum’s curation room inside the Victoria Sung Plaza.  Half underground, at dawn and dusk, sunlight directs life through the diamond cut windows, illuminating the sterile dead air before being evaporated.  A reborn generation of air lifts life of laughter, chatter and whispers.

As one walks down the ornate titanium stairs, a grand archway delivers you to doors made for war.

Here, I will lift a glass and become intoxicated on bubbles.



Joy Jane June

18th short 03.24.2019 The Flapper & The Fur

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