Survival Technique #3

Treated as an outsider.

In the city, I am an outsider within… I am a part of society, within tolerance, as an outsider… I find comfort in being so.

The family that adopted me never explained to me why they needed a period of time to decide if they were going to purchase me; they did tell me, I was not the investment they were wanting.  If I was shown comfort over matter-of-fact, my ability to let go may not grow.  Rosie was the closet to comfort in that home and we were strangers.

Mae’s mother was the nurse to the mother that adopted me and they gave birth to Mae and Rosie.  They were twins.

Growing into life, the toying and ridicule revolved.  I was not a victim, I was learning.  The hurt, loneliness and fear at times felt unbearable until solitude brought peace, warmth and hope.

This is survival technique #3

In the city, I am an outsider within.




Joy Jane June

17th short 03.24.2019 Survival Technique #3

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