A history as a constant reminder of our connection now.  Most of my clients appear through a portal from Mae because we understand each other.

The latest commissioned piece was requested to be inspired by my hate.

I wont.

They rejected my wont and asked for me to create from the result of hate.  Peace, sadness and submission.  Another happy client.

This city I live in has always been home.  To leave is to say goodbye to myself.  The physical foundation of identity is hard to imagine not having that. This city is my very own magic show.  Magic is what others want it to be.  For me, surprises of beauty, forward thinking and moments of raw touched love are one half of magic.  The other half is sad, very sad, embellished misfortune and loss.  All these make up my home in the city.





Joy Jane June

16th short 03.21.2019 magic

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