Rosie watches

The experiences of hate, I remember one.

Anger, frustration and hopelessness are emotions I’ve come to terms with. However, hate is the only emotion I will give my life so as not to experience again.

After being found between the pea patch and the compost, I was placed with a family and after a temporary trial/foster care term, they decided to adopt me. Rosie, their only daughter didn’t like me but tolerable me. Mae, Rosie’s friend with strings, wanted me dead.

As we were graduating high school, Mae stabbed me once to the chest.

Paralyzed with apprehension, confusion and thought process, pain injected its own stab of destruction. A battle of withdrawal from the norm of life’s little gems. I’m bleeding?

Rosie watches.

Joy Jane June

14th short 03.20.2019 Rosie watches

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