In preparations to explore the work process, a routine that is meant to be broken, I follow the path of mind and heart.

Although art school didn’t open its doors to the impossible, it was an integral part of the process to bring me to the career that chose me.  As any job, I love it, I loath it and for me, I cannot breath without it.  Just now, late in my career, have I succumb to the job title of Artist.  The word impresses upon me the unthinkable and the unattainable.

I never considered myself being a part of the world of art.  And even when I mouth it in silence, it feels so fake.

. . .

My definition of an artist:

Existence.  One that is mentally connected to the world with an understanding of emotion in oneself and in others and in turn can translate the internal existence outwardly.

I dream, aspire and crave to be this.  In my reality, I have sincere doubts of myself.

Joy Jane June

12th short, 03.19.2019 defining

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