Survival Technique #1

A crack of sunlight radiates heat while illuminating the delicate, weightless dust that swirls and parts as air’s existence is disturbed by motion.

It’s a typically beautiful day full of ritual routines and when I have my mind in focus to absorb the complexities of this world, I savor each minute passing.

Today, I cannot seem to get my shit together.

I’m thirty-eight years old and I feel the shift in change bear down on me.

Maybe it’s being adopted, but I’ve always had the urge to survive, to fight just to stay afloat. I’ve been a working artist since school and just now I’ve been able to be in charge of my time and comfort and now I feel lost, so very lost.

I know what to do but to let go of what is easy is a treasure I never want to lose.

Art school was a joke and a waste of money… I felt like I was in a factory and not in an institution that was inspiring and challenging. Somewhere, I woke up with a bit of sensibility and have gradually tried to apply it throughout my life… survival technique #1

Joy Jane June

10th short 03.14.2019 Survival Technique #1

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