Stepping out into the world, seeds ascent into the air, her life is being lifted and carried away, allowing the spring of life begin once again.

Leaving the cafe, I release thoughts of her and glide into step.  Back to work.

The dailies of responsibilities is a heavy burden and in the next five days of my life, are my days to not work… until then…

Loft was built during a turn, in the crosshairs of two decades overlapping.  Property owned and built upon by our nation’s historic Hardware company, that has kept every generation owning the company, a true family owned Hardware company.  Today, it’s an easily disregarded building but certainly not neglected.

A five story building: penthouse, living, work lofts, Hardware and Shadow Café.  The Penthouse is actually the Loft’s greenhouse and when this building was being built that was the secret intention.  The majority of expense for Loft was concentrated and reserved for the penthouse, an open greenhouse museum with a living space.  The remaining expense was inequality divided between architectural design and interior.  Each brick was hand scrutinized for the building was an artistic expression and thought of architecture and nature.  The stairs are an interwoven sculpture on the exterior of the building leading you to the penthouse… up these stairs I climb…

…Stepping up into the world…



Red Corner

Joy Jane June

9th short 03.07.2019 Loft

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