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Why would I fantasize about my last breath? …because… Life is all I know.

My only mother, I’ve ever known, passed in my arms.

Looking down at your frail and lost face, dry and sunken, I only saw beauty.  Breath slow, weak in motion, I could feel the skip in life pulse a fast depletion.  As I held tight, I regretted those days I forgot to thank you and tell you how much I love you.

Our bloods are foreign but the life we had together was what fairy tails are made of.  In what interpretation that is for others, for me, you set a path and I built my own passage.  I grew to understand happiness, love, strength, forgiveness and growth.  Without the experience of a past, my appreciation would be lessened.  Thank you and I love you.

As I watched a year in a life, so little time  was all we had.  I came to the realization, how little I know you.  Next door, day to day, hours to minutes, I know you.  The you of the past, I know not.

Looking at a woman of maturity, only now, I see the little girl.  Vulnerable, scared, worried & guarded, fearless and calm, I understand.  Meeting eyes tell me a feeling that swells with warmth deep down in the tightness of the knowledge forever is about to end.

Looking at you, until the end… is how I have to say hello.

Joy Jane June

8th short 03.05.2019 ”   .”

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