All is as it is for now…

All is as it is for now…

After awhile, my body aches to be free of lack, the lack of…

Every day, this – train, transports through neighborhoods that rob and hoard dreams, parks as a reminder of what nature lies out there, home(s) with external grandeur that most lust, race and competitions between machine, broken people following in single file behind the created image of happiness.

Happiness is a conundrum to me.  Staring against the world, I fantasize about her.

The mother I know not, the daughter I never was.  Why was I out by the trash?  Why would you look into the face of a baby, place me down on the frozen ground, hidden behind the overflowing recyclables, days after I struggled to breathe the breath of life, and walk away forever?

…maybe you knew, the comings and goings of people, people on this corner… maybe you knew I’d be sheltered within minutes of your abandonment… maybe…

…that’s what I’d like to be true.


Seattle landscape upside down drip 3.jpg

Joy Jane June

5th short 02.23.2019 All is as it is for now…

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