Passing by… bye.

A moment to breathe…  A moment to think, or not… modern day zen garden of my mind.

Light of outside dance, change, shock, amuse and for some reason, remind me how small and insignificant this moment is.  Getting lost in this lifting beat, string bass vibrate and jump from ear too ear as it crescendos and climax to the next breath.

Wake, coffee, train ride… wake, coffee, train ride… wake, coffee, train ride…  and in this moment, it is very easy to see the sadness, confusion, insecurities, frustrations, excitement, happiness and the lost.  The moment of recognition in the humanism of humanity is taxing.  Let me get lost in this music for the rest of the ride.




Is it scary to look?

In the train, staying awake… lift your chin, look to your left, to your right.  Look straight ahead, look down.

Think, what did you see?  Do you want to look again?  It’s okay to want to look.

Slower, look to your left, to your right, straight ahead.  Slower.  It’s not so scary, because you’re afraid of what they will see deeper than your surface.

Look outside.  Day, blued-out with grey, dry, cold with diamonds of lights that hypnotize you with the promise of beauty.  Just before you look away, details capture your yearning  eyes.

Staying awake, I look back, full circle, in the train.  These are those people out there in that world I see passing by… bye.

(click on each image to take a closer look)

Joy Jane June

4th short 02.20.2019 Passing by… bye.

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