Train’s rave

This is the spot, where the diamond meets the 3rd row of ornate shapes, the marble is smooth and reflects back patterns within patterns.  As I stand here, a private rave echos through my ears… the beat, the ripple of symbols pulse toward a rumble that fades into an air of audible smoke.

The transcending beat, flows in and out as we wait in habitual robotic mannerisms.  “The light rail will in arrive in 1 minute and 7 seconds.”  As I look over, some tap, a beat in almost unison with the bass, on their obsession of choice to press a fictitious button that never pushes back.  The transition in music and train are synchronizing as a crescendo of wind is shoved past my face.  The invisible motion blasts through the tunnel and the progression of sound grows as the train glides into position.

The shuffle of body movement creeps closer in, anticipation, the decision making process clicks into stance, this is a time management moment.  A breath, is deep as the calm white music pushing up the logistical mind, programing thought and completion.

Rhythmic beeps warn us the doors will suction shut.  The pressure of air compressing and expanding secure us in this train car.  Forward, we all move forward, together.


Striped altered upstairs

Joy Jane June

3rd short 02.18.2019 Train’s rave

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