The paper cut

Just as getting a paper cut, the pain I experience, passing by this spot, this place of my birth, everyday, is an annoyance.  The initial shock of vulnerability is faster than I can gasp as I look down and see a line of red.  Pain does not always surface but acknowledgment of that wound brings on a response and my response is hidden behind an aloofness.

Built to connect the world, Victoria Sung Plaza was the center of the city spanning over multiple city blocks.  True architectural visionaries focused on a futuristic world that did not compromise its history.  VS Plaza was built in stages throughout the years, intentionally built to grow with its city.  From an open ornate plaza, that kissed the sky each day, VS Plaza grew to be a building center that captured the hearts and minds of the world.

For most of my life, I was oblivious to, The VS Plaza on 3rd Avenue, in the Historic District, its significance in my existence and now as I wait for the train, standing nestled between the pea patch and the tracks, I drift in and out of reality.

Ignoring the paper cut.


Joy Jane June

2nd short 02.16.2019 The paper cut

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