Slaying Galentine’s

As Angie, Autumn and Kusum exquisitely advance down the strategically placed attention stopping stairs, all eyes, in the modernized earthy-chic Urbane Restaurant, gravitate towards these women gathering for a photoshoot and brunch in celebration of Galentine’s.  The slightest turn of the head, a curl and pucker of the lips and a pop of body form; all natural motions to these three professional fashion, health and lifestyle bloggers that graciously and lovingly prestidigitate the lives of elite career women and motherhood. This annual Galentine’s Party and Collaboration, organized by Missy ,Callie and Tammy, three equally elite professional beauties, celebrates the unification of women and love for oneself is hosted by Area Executive Chef Brian Pusztai and Chef Tomas Ortiz of Urbane.

The elemental dreariness of the thick chilled humid rain in conjunction with the grimy gridlocked traffic, clearly is not a day for delicate ornamental floral lavallieres and bouquets, a secluded picture perfected dining plateau nor the pampering attentions of favored professionals in their field.  And yet, behind the shielding glass of a romantically darkened culinary showroom, a quiet ballet of hustle and bustle, as all involved in the collaboration, is agreeably choreographing unrehearsed and confident actions with minimal verbal direction.  Handcrafted Blood Orange Mimosas beacon, curiosity is thick, lingering in the air of diners and restaurant personnel invisibly pass through with chef attentive crafted cocktails and courses commanding flashed attention to be documented and savored.

Encapsulated in a frame of time, the precision of culinary prep, articulated communication and response, manipulation of manual production in service, environment and staging and simply the monetary output and value is never magically effortless and yet, a unison in ebb and flow appeared organically flawless as Angie, Autumn, Kusum, Missy ,Callie and Tammy slay the demands of love, life and friendship.

Shine on ladies!

(click on each image to take a closer look)

All photos taken by Missy Palacol


Slaying Galentine’s

A sincere and deeply heartfelt thank you to:

Missy Palacol, photographer IG: @missy.palacol FB: @missypalacolphotography

Tammy Myers, florist IG: @firstandbloom FB: @firstandbloom

Callie Holcomb, event planner IG: @holcombweddings FB: @holcombweddings

Angie Scheie IG: @chasingmyhalo FB: @chasingmyhalo

Autumn Meyer IG: @awholestory  FB: @autumn.meyer.5

Kusum Basavaraju IG: @sveeteskapes FB: @sveeteskapes

Urbane restaurant IG: @urbaneseattle FB: @urbanerestaurant Hyatt at Olive 8 Hotel IG: @hyatt  FB: @hyattatolive8

Executive Chef Brian Pusztai IG: @brian.pusztai & Chef Tomas Ortiz IG: @chef_tom4

Carleeh Mulholland IG: @healhtysocialite IG: @healthycarleeh FB: @carleehmulholland

Charlie Meyer IG: @foolish_designs FB: @foolishdesigns

& Urbane restaurant manager, Sean and staff

…it was truly an honor on my behalf.

4 replies to “Slaying Galentine’s

  1. Paige! You have such a beautiful writing style! I felt like I was reliving the event through a captivating fictional novel. Thank you for sharing the morning with me and writing about it the way you did!


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