Cafe Pettirosso

As the rain’s pitter patter rendezvous with the collective of puddles, each drop crescendos in comparison to the cafe’s still.  Shadows of a classic Italian cafe filled with operatic emotion linger behind a door ajar giving a darkened glimpse into quaint secrets and treasured stories.

Beautifully aged stories of twenty-four years are so complex in the riches of friendship, community and raw hearted labor of love.  To state, humble beginnings of a coffee cart, would be inaccurate; it was the humble beginnings of an idea driven by passion for Italy and people of Seattle.  And if this idea was to flourish, may it stay true and hold tight to the values of community, good food, people and the love of sharing all before the bottom line.

Cafe Pettirosso, pictured today, is not only owned and operated by Yuki & Miki Sodos of five years; it is tattooed in their hearts and souls for their courtship with the cafe, the neighborhood and the people spans back to the dawning of our millennium.  To be so invested in not one but two cafes, these bonded sisters are the modern day women of wonder.  They live and breathe, they work and play, they are partners bonded by blood, sweat, tears and love of self… truly sacrificing time and money to enrich the neighborhood and community before oneself is real and is here.

The robin, in Italian is Pettirosso.  Robin Wright is the original owner of the cafe before passing it onto Yuki & Miki Sodos.

The spectrum , symbolically, of a robin’s importance spans from growth in sacrifice of  selfless personal/spiritual nature to life of rebirth as a gateway to new opportunities.

How fitting is it the robin is Cafe Pettirosso to it’s core.

Hemp Latte
Brioche French Toast
Brioche French Toast: housemade brioche with cranberries, orange, candied walnuts and real maple syrup
Lemon Tartlet
Lemon Tartlet: lemon curd with German buttercream in a sucree shell
Handmade Truffles
Handmade Truffles: 72% Dark Chocolate Handmade Truffles: Peanut Butter + Dark Chocolate (vegan) Handmade Truffles: Earl Grey Tea + Dark Chocolate
Handmade Truffle: Earl Grey Tea + Dark Chocolate
The Bang Bang Burrito
The Bang Bang Burrito @ Bang Bang Cafe: scrambled eggs, pinto beans, home fries, cheddar cheese, green and red Hatch Chile Sauce

A sincere and deeply heartfelt thank you to:

Yuki, Miki, owners of  Cafe Pettirosso & Bang Bang Cafe 

And the Cafe Pettirosso staff  (especially, Jamey, Marcy & Cody)

…it was truly an honor on my behalf.

2 replies to “Cafe Pettirosso

  1. I have known and loved these sisters for decades. Their beautiful Mom was a long time friend. I wish she was around to enjoy their success. I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy their lovely cafes.


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