Raised Doughnuts

they rise up

they pop-up

they smile from the heart

they laugh from the belly

they are creative

they are delicious

… They are supportive

… They are there for her and she is Mi

… they are for you… from Mi

The first I ever heard of Raised Doughnuts was well over a month ago and then I found out they had a pop-up event at Eastern Cafe in the International District and I had all intentions of going; however, time constraints came into play and I missed it.  As I drooled over pictures on Instagram of those that did attend, I immediately reached out to find when the next event was scheduled.  As soon as the date was locked down I moved mountains and tattooed it into my calendar!

It was a beautiful Seattle Saturday summer morning in the patio garden of Citizen Coffee, brown paper bag boxes stacked high, bowls, trays and tables harboring delectables soon to be captives of hungry enthusiasts lay awaiting as Mi and her team electrified the air with excitement, smiles and calculated preparations.

Mi Kim, owner, pastry chef and an absolutely beautiful lady, has brought something special to Seattle where seoul, heart and creativity are simply put forth in a doughnut and as I savor each bite I myself fall into childhood memories where a doughnut was all that mattered in the moment.

I wanted to “raise” the quality of donuts out here in Seattle!  They are not just your mom and pop donut, each one is thought out and each element is done for a certain reason!

Mi’s childhood memories have molded and catapulted her passion and drive to the creation of Raised Doughnuts and I for one wish her stupendous success as she raises her  new business from this early stage and may many more hungry enthusiasts experience the simple goodness she has to share.

(click on each image to take a closer look)


Raised Doughnuts Pop-Up Event was held at Citizen Coffee

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