Eltana Bagels

Simple acts of understanding, kindness and non-judgment have minuscule to behemoth power in influence that may not always be recognized.

This morning I entered into Eltana Bagels daydreaming about bagels and after much deliberation I stepped up with a confident order.

As my total was presented to me, realization struck hard, I didn’t have enough cash for the order… sheer embarrassment took hold of my mind and body as I began to stammer as I attempted to change my order.

A kind, calm and non-judgmental voice stated, “No worries, just give us what you have and next time you’re in, you can pay the difference.”

Flabbergasted, yes; my heart pounded and it took all of me to not break down in tears as I continued to stammer and state, “that wasn’t necessary…” looking at kind eyes, it was said, “…it’s okay, it’s our way…”.

I am a silent judge on poor service and simply don’t return; however, I am a highly vocal person when it comes to companies such as Eltana Bagels. We all have our days of poor but when pure goodness exists, it finds a way to outshine the bad whether it be an individual or a company.

Wasabi Cream Cheese on Salt Bagel
wood fire hand rolled salt bagel with fresh wasabi root cream cheese topped with Togarashi

Eltana Bagels is opening a location in Japan and in celebration they have wasabi cream cheese but thankfully I don’t have to fly over to Japan to grab this outrageously tastebud exploding topping… yes to this all day!!!

Buttered Salt Bagel
buttered wood fire hand rolled salt bagel
Ras Al Hanout Infused Butter & Cream Cheese and Lox on Salt Bagels
Ras Al Hanout Infused Butter on a wood fire hand rolled salt bagel & Cream Cheese and Lox on a wood fire hand rolled salt bagel

A sincere and deeply heartfelt thank you to Eltana Bagels

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