Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent

This is how my evening began.

In the abandoned street moment, a still silence solicited the block leaving me to query my destination.  Within moments of crossing the threshold a mature man awaits atop the stairs with welcoming presence as a throwback to forgotten cinema culture.

With a slight hesitated pace, I walk past the gentleman giving a gentle nod his way for my check in point was with a staff of brilliantly lit faces of welcoming just beyond.  Having the honor to a pre-screening of JEREMIAH TOWER: THE LAST MAGNIFICENT by way of invitation from Allied Integrated Marketing at the AMC Seattle 10 (aka Sundance Cinemas), I found myself to be elated and grateful for this opportunity.

I may have been a bit overly punctual in my arrival leaving me time and space to take pause as I visit the concession stand and wiggle my way to comfort in the oversized cinema seating as press and SIFF members trickle into the theatre.

Never have I been approached to discuss a film nor am I educated in the proper etiquette and culture of reviewing; therefore, I feel it to be quite pertinent to inform you this article is from my personal perspective that only reflects upon myself and no other.

When given the synapsis of this film, other than the obvious enticement of Anthony Bourdain being the Executive Producer, the words “enigmatic mystery of his genius” pertaining to Jeremiah Tower, clutched at my heart and without looking at my calendar, I took the opportunity regardless to any prior scheduling.

As if a modern day opera plays out on screen, Jeremiah’s exploration from innocence of childhood to a haunted worldly life is viewed through a lorgnette where secret doors from afar are cracked just so light trickles in never giving way to the complete brilliance behind the darkened portal.  The raw gritty humanistic proportions of a man’s history is shared to not only expose the magnificent artistry of his culinary career but the very real and dark parallels are conveyed and the impact it all has on the choices that still apply today.

In the film, many characters of reputable illustriousness as well as Jeremiah himself communicate the mysteries of oneself through the lifelong process of not knowing what discoveries will lead to battles of deplorable lows left in the wake of climatic fame and dueling the passions of the yearning heart and the sterility of expectations.

As if the cracking static amplified with impulse of grandeur and demand the equality to acceptance on a basic level seemed to be a missing component that would give the finishing taste of pride.  Lacking that pseudo parental approval, the inner child continues to cry in silence as the mature actions drive Jeremiah on to a contemplative journey where no others are welcomed.

Although Jeremiah returned running towards the world’s open arms, it is no longer the warm and tender heartbeat that embraced a lonely child seeking comforting love.  The harsh brutal reality of life today is not always kind for the rapidity of splendor and glory of artistry on all levels rise and fall in a torrent blizzard that cuts deep and as the snow falls so does the salt.

Today, as I pondered the film, Jeremiah Tower is the man that will forever be holding a champagne glass with distinction in the midst of deviation.

The End.


A sincere and deeply heartfelt thank you to Allied Integrated Marketing

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