🍪 is for Lowrider

It’s simple, cookies and brownies.  Is it really?…

As I entered into Optimism Brewing Company, the immense space is brimming with wee ones, Seattleites and their furry companions as many enjoy the goodness of the beer culture in this space of an elevated indoor family pot-luck/picnic atmosphere.  And amidst all this joy is the happiest sight to me, a cookie covered table with Emily and Cookie Monster.

Emily is a recent returning transplant to Seattle that just crossed over the business starting line yesterday with an enormous fervor for the passion and love of cookies.  And when she smiles, a spark and twinkle shine from her eyes telling you just one bite will have you hooked!  These cookies are not shy on size and just may put my mama’s cookies to shame with bold comforting flavors, a soft chewiness that’s a pillow for the teeth and left me with a smile after one bite… of each cookie…

…Cookies and brownies that are scrumptious and delightful, it is just that simple.  May Lowrider Baking Company leave a long trail of crumbs for all cookie monsters to follow.

Emily’s favorite cookie is the Brown Butter Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie

My favorite cookie is the Mexican Chocolate Cookie

You can find Emily and her spectacular cookie collection at pop-up locations and farmer’s markets listed on her website.

POP-UP currently at Optimism Brewing Company on Thursdays starting at 4pm

BURIEN FARMER’S MARKET Every Thursday, starting May 4th 11-6pm

SHORELINE FARMER’S MARKET Every Saturday, starting June 10th 10-3pm

A sincere and deeply heartfelt thank you to Emily of Lowrider Baking Company

(click on each image to take a closer look)

Lowrider Baking Company - Emily, owner
Lowrider Baking Company – Emily, owner

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