Despite bringing the pace down I continued to run with purpose for all intentions were directed to a particular bakery; then in mid running motion, the glass box was figuratively unveiled.  Scanning with scrutinizing eyes, in passing, I peer down and noticed a framed lit sign stating hours of operation and my body reacts with a full 180 turn prior to my cognitive acknowledgement.  An immediate recollection of pre-opening signs where curiosity tugged at me weeks ago, I delighted at the realization this place just may be open…

Inside, an ornate fireplace simulates spitting flames in a space of grand promise where the spectrum of warming colored light blends perfectly with Seattle’s natural blue and grey of that cold winter February morning.  The door opens as I tug at the weight and with relief and hesitation I pop my head in while inquiring if they were open.

Walking in, I’m informed the doors had just been unlocked and they were in their first moments of official business, making me the first customer.  Warming myself by the fireplace, I relishing in the silky richness of coca as it mingles and intertwines with the espresso,  Alex, the owner and chocolatier, shared his history and expertise in-between the throws of an opening, organizing and hosting process of the newly opened chocolate boutique.

It was hard to depart from the warmed air where the hint and bite of chocolate and coffee were just as welcoming as Alex and his staff.  Since then, I’ve casually peered into and revisited SELEUŠS Chocolates all the while watching their transformation from a glass box with a space of grand promise to a progressive chocolate boutique and café hosting an array of chocolates, pastries, coffees and wines.

As of late I spoke with Alex and just as the first day, if not more, the passion and thought he puts forth in his creations of the nightly micro-batches of chocolates and the boutique and café is quite apparent visually and palatably.

If one has the hope and belief for life after death, then let there be found purveyors of exquisite edibles bestowing their bounty in abundance and all partakes in the communion.  A monumental communion where beyond my dubiety, these truffles would be well received.

SELEUŠS Chocolates

(click on each image to take a closer look)

*SELEUŠS Chocolates’ written text in the photograph captions

A sincere and deeply heartfelt thank you to Alex of SELEUŠS Chocolates

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