Hello Neighbor

A few days ago, as my morning run draws to completion, the familiar silhouette of a man leisurely standing with a cup of coffee flashes past my peripheral observance.  Is this Seattle Coffee Works and are they opening a location on Capitol Hill?  Without hesitation I immediately direct message inquiring about this possibility and it is true. … More Hello Neighbor

Under The Steps

Not to be forgotten, Not to be overlooked, As I gaze down to my feet, all others crane their sights up to the skies. Seen, a delicate satin path whisked aside and under the steps as the breeze ripples through the fallen and decaying wave. Left to the brutality of traffic flow, each soft, fragile … More Under The Steps


Despite bringing the pace down I continued to run with purpose for all intentions were directed to a particular bakery; then in mid running motion, the glass box was figuratively unveiled.  Scanning with scrutinizing eyes, in passing, I peer down and noticed a framed lit sign stating hours of operation and my body reacts with a full 180 turn prior to my cognitive acknowledgement. … More SELEUŠS

Admixtures of Spring

As each vibrated shock connects foot and concrete an imaginary explosion of saturated springtime chroma travel the cracked surface. A purity of color, a beautiful reflection of scrolling shadows ghost my motions as if pounding out a lucid running daydream. It’s raw reality, it’s freedom it is an exhilarated high like none other. Taking pause … More Admixtures of Spring


If I were the lumbering sort, I may need the embrace and comfort of the woods where miscellaneous articles are patched together in a naturally raw disorder. Where vision beyond is thick and dense and loss of space and time cut away clarified awareness. Lithesome in thought I enter into the urbane forest as the … More Lumbering

Journey from…

You’ve journeyed from afar and dare to darken my doorstep, you dare cloud my thought as you cry tears and bring a chill. You push back as the sun shines down for it emanates promises of warmth and change. I dare challenge you, I dare sit here between shade and mist and cracks of light … More Journey from…