Would you like one “o” or two?

Lovingly being teased by my husband on my nasal pronunciation of Macaron, I adjudged it wise to educate myself on Macarons/Macaroons.  Without a doubt proper research must be conducted; therefore, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks consuming mounds of Macarons from 12 establishments throughout Seattle metropolitan. Highlighted in the gallery below, are my final selections of cookies … More Would you like one “o” or two?

House of Ballard: lunch

The epiphany of arriving at opening or not long after has become a truly desirable time I crave.  Despite witnessing, at numerous places upon opening, paces of chaos, rapidity, deliberateness and leisure there is a moment where quiet, collective and tranquil air permeates the beginning day and I find it to be the purest representation of the place I’ve entered. 11:02am, the doors are unlocked and I … More House of Ballard: lunch

I Ran

My nonchalant approach to race day was not as it was last year. February 2016 I made the jump to join the millions of running event runners.  With emotions, thoughts and concerns running ramped throughout my brain, I signed up for my first running event.  Knowing I could finish the 5K, I input my credit card number and … More I Ran