Having the luxury to stroll around the barren sidewalks and rubbled roads of Sodo, a place that hides its treasures and where one is on the hunt in the industrial forest, I make way to a clearing where green, topped with a white crown, stands high above signifying refuge and replenishment.

It’s just after the lunch rush and most are nestled back inside underneath the green and crown.  Five food trucks, okay, four food trucks and a truck with gourmet dog treats, are lined up on the Starbuck’s Headquarter’s plaza.  As I survey the food trucks, I crave not only a substantial snack to fill and warm my belly I want something that I don’t see everyday, I spot a grey food truck, minimally ornate with bright and concise decals, a vegetarian and vegan Bombay Sandwich selection, I am intrigued.

Reaching up into the window to accept my Cheese Masti sandwich, the heat from the box warmed my fingers and the spicy grilled cheese aroma had me salivating before I even sat down.  I opened the box to find the dark grilled sandwich was flattened and cut in fours, the cheese oozed out with green chutney speckled throughout and as I take my first mouthful,  I proclaimed, “omg” and sprinted back telling them the sandwich is absolutely delicious!

After introducing myself, we scheduled a time to do an interview; since food trucks are pop-up restaurants on wheels I didn’t want to miss a chance to learn more about this food truck directly from the source.

Veg-Wich Sandwich Food Truck is in its second year of operation and its first year popping up in Seattle for its main base is throughout the Eastside.  Gayatree Shah, owner and operator is a transplant from Bombay where she grew up enjoying street food such as the Bombay Sandwich, a vegetarian and vegan fare, to her, Bombay is a sentiment that she wanted to share with us.  Although the outer appearance of the truck is quiet in comparison to it’s neighbors, the food that emerges from the window is simply outstanding for the spices, aromas, textures and flavors are essentially being recreated to capture the streets of Bombay from this humble food truck.

The minimalistic menu lists an assortment of breads, 4-5 sandwiches, sides and drinks.   All sandwiches are made to order as vegetarian and depending on the sandwich menu selection, 2-3 of the sandwiches can be made as vegan where the butter is substituted with hummus and the cheese is substituted with chao cheese, a fermented bean curd, and no butter or cheese is placed on the grill at any time.

Although the northwestern sections of Seattle are highly populated with vegetarian and vegan Seattleites, getting “in” with the crowd, renting populated locations and the demand is a challenge for a small operating food truck here in Seattle.  Veg-Wich is making efforts to be in Seattle more often but if on the Eastside locations are listed on their website.

Good food should never go unmentioned and the good people that make that food should be praised and acknowledged.

Veg-Wich Sandwich Food Truck

(click on each image to take a closer look)

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