Imbued by the early luciferous evening, people abandoned the places they had taken shelter, in the past days, from the relentless rain.  Gleeful and anxious to capture the moment, the streets are bustling and crowds grow as I approach Pike Place Public Market.  Despite the Market just closing, the red-brick street is yet not quiet as the rolling rubber treads thud across the intersection of Pike St. and 1st Ave., the tink-tink of rickshaw bells ringing out and the exited public relish in the dry and light.

Wine, I know nothing and I rarely partake; yet, I found myself make way up a wooden staircase, in the Market, leading to a room in the back corridor where the lights are not yet lit for the evening’s approaching twilight glow washes in with a cool relaxed brilliance.  As attendees trickle in and claim seats a mixed demeanor of aficionados murmur their greetings to those around them or sit quietly in observance.

Kathy, the vivacious owner of Chocolate Box and Sarah, a sassy and hip educator/distributor from Elliott Bay Distributing suddenly exclaim in an excited cheer for all has arrived and the event is starting punctually without delay.  The breviloquent introduction initially had me come to a sobering realization that I am not only royally out of my league but that I’m in no league.  Yet, I picked up my pen and studiously listened, watched and scribbled *notes (I can scantly decipher and if I can, I’m laughing).

A Taste of Europe educational event:
Hosted by Sarah Timbrook-Nugent from Elliott Bay Distributing & Kathy, owner of Chocolate Box
Featured Wines:
LaLuca Prosecco (Italy)… white
*bubbles!!! champagne… I gave this a star… so yummy (I love bubbles!!!)
Sierra Cantabria Rosado (Spain)… white
*pink (I love pink), a rose on the clearance rack and it is from Provence, France… GET IT!!!
Brotte Côte de Rhône Esprit Barvile Blanc 2015 (France)… white
*good with fatty foods and cheeses
Valkenberg Gewürztraminer 2015 (Germany)… white
*screw off (Stelvin Closure) is the best closure for wines… I gave this an OMG star (that good)
Poggio Anima ‘Asmodeus’ Nero d’Avola 2015 (Italy)… red
*a country wine good with a big fat juicy bacon burger… serve wine cold
Tridente Entesuelos Tempranillo 2014 (Spain)… red
*rustic, low filtered… do not pour reds past widest part of the bowl allowing it to breathe
Juan Gil Albaccea Monastrell 2015 (Spain)… red
*a quick peppery finish… a good bbq and cheese wine
Châuteau Haut-Mayne Sauternes 2013 (France)… dessert white

*a low and slow fermentation… small pour…  I gave this a MUST star (I love sweets!!!) 

As the night progressed with each pour, any insecurities despite some faux pas I may have displayed were swallowed and a charismatic ease swept over me as the fantasies of sitting at the edge of a vineyard realisically filled my head.  I think I may need to sign up for more educational wine events before I comfortably have a simple grasp on the world of wine.
Châuteau Haut-Mayne Sauternes 2013

Châuteau Haut-Mayne Sauternes 2013 (France)… dessert white

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