House of Ballard: lunch

The epiphany of arriving at opening or not long after has become a truly desirable time I crave.  Despite witnessing, at numerous places upon opening, paces of chaos, rapidity, deliberateness and leisure there is a moment where quiet, collective and tranquil air permeates the beginning day and I find it to be the purest representation of the place I’ve entered.

11:02am, the doors are unlocked and I walk through.  Porkchop & Co. is not how I had imagined in my head.  Arriving quite a few minutes more before my Ballardian friend meets up with me, I take the chance to absorb my environment.

As I walk around while making inquiries, I notice a card on the counter… what’s this?  Dine Around Seattle?  Nice!, lucky me, this biannual promotion to dine at leading restaurants at an exceptional value has only begun.  Although I thoughtfully planned where my lunch experience would be, I was considerably surprised and pleased to have the opportunity to partake in this program.

If I lived in Ballard, most likely more than not, I would tuck away in this place where liberal space encapsulates a sense of belonging as if taking holiday in the kitchen of my home.  A kitchen that awaits my arrival for a late night snack after the opera.  A kitchen that becomes cluttered with toys, noise and my boys.  A kitchen that lets me be as I hug my tea to my breast and sit quietly contemplating life.  This is the place I have chosen for my lunch.

Lunch in the House of Ballard was where I had more than an epiphany.  I had a meal that resinated with my soul.

At the last minute I realized that I had to scoot to catch my bus and I rushed out the door and cannot remember if I said thank you… “A sincere thank you!”

Pork chop & Co. – 3 Courses for $18 Brunch

(click on each image to take a closer look)

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