House of Ballard: breakfast

As a metropolitan pilgrim, the convenience of traveling on foot is not only a preferred mode of transportation but an uncomplicated way of navigating through the streets.  Thus anew, curiosity to wander outside the comfort zone via foot has culminated and aspirations of Ballard are dancing in my head.

As I prep for my uncharted run, the final destination changes several times for my treasured list of “sEATtle” is exorbitantly extensive.  Thankfully my Ballardian friend is unfazed and unfurled as to where we will merge.  Ironically, upon settling on a location, it is not only a stone’s throw from her house but her knowledge of it’s presence were unknown.

The dread of rain was pleasantly brushed away as the grey cotton coated sky dimly lit the morning and the dry cool air was easy to breathe until NW 62nd Street; why?, it’s simply a mystery to me.  Once upon crossing over the intersection, all breath and stamina dissipated immediately as if jumping from a low to high in elevation.  Once my breath was rendered I was able to complete the remaining short distance.

Arriving not long after the doors are unlocked, a small building from 1926; home to The Fat Hen tucked in a residential area beckoning small businesses to nest on the street, is already brimming with what appears to be the Ballard elite.

If not for a dark grey morning, the interior lighting is an accentual fixture to floods of bright natural light; yet today, a quiet dark ambiance brings memories of waking to a kitchen awaiting breakfast.

Although chilled from a run long past, a wide and inviting bowl of tomato soup is pure magic for every bite to the last is not only texturally sublime and astutely savory but steaming with relentless warmth despite the fact I took this outside to capture and then luxuriating in each spoonful.

Breakfast in the House of Ballard was distinctively delectable and I am already fantasizing about a future lunch date!

The Fat Hen

Tomato Soup: basil and parmesan cheese with baguette (not in capture)

Cardamom Bun: housemade sweet bun

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