Having the luxury to stroll around the barren sidewalks and rubbled roads of Sodo, a place that hides its treasures and where one is on the hunt in the industrial forest, I make way to a clearing where green, topped with a white crown, stands high above signifying refuge and replenishment. It’s just after the lunch rush and … More Veg-Wich

The Drought

Through these eyes, a spectrum of beauty throughout the city is had. Happening upon the perfect platform is a treasure in its discovery for I am able to experiment and express how I view all that surrounds me. When I share my perspective of beauty I hope for others to find inspiration and to discover … More The Drought


Imbued by the early luciferous evening, people abandoned the places they had taken shelter, in the past days, from the relentless rain.  Gleeful and anxious to capture the moment, the streets are bustling and crowds grow as I approach Pike Place Public Market.  Despite the Market just closing, the red-brick street is yet not quiet as the rolling rubber … More Wine-o…mg!!!