Caviar Confession

I confess, it was premeditated. The research I gathered on my target needed to be confirmed, exact location and time schedule, regardless of carefully laid out plans. Running past, I casually slowed my pace as if I was tired.  I peered through the windows and checked the details… confirmation.  As I picked up the pace and … More Caviar Confession

My dearest Honey

My dearest Honey, In the mid morning we met, I had no yearning to fill until by chance I crossed your path. How simply beautiful and elegant you looked.  Dare I say, you took my breath away. Despite my ghastly appearance from rigorous exercise, you did not turn away… and I swear I heard you … More My dearest Honey

Lap Du Jour

It’s no use, crying over spilt soup du jour. It was my birthday and of course I had to go to Loulay Kitchen & Bar.  The absolute joy shows in my face but what you don’t know is the horror story that proceeded the second after. While I was delicately rearranging the items to capture the best … More Lap Du Jour

Visually Exposed

Pictures… looking, taking and occasionally manipulating is highly stimulating and allows me to express myself without words. Before cameras were part of the mobile phone, it would not be uncommon to find a small digital camera at my side.  However, I often found myself discouraged when the memory bank quickly became full and downloading was … More Visually Exposed

Why Run?

Why run?… Growing up, my father was an avid runner.  A couple of times I attempted to join him on his runs… what was he thinking?… soreness, sweat, lack of breath… this sucks! After having a child, I was my heaviest ever, 172 pounds.  Before you scoff, keep in mind that I am under 5 feet tall. … More Why Run?