Bust A Run

untz untz untz untz!!!!…

The fog has long lifted and an airy haze lingers in the distance as the sky swells in an ombre wave of yellow, orange, pink and blue.  It’s a chilled crisp morning airflow that slightly numbs phantom pains and energizes my core.

The rhythm, the beat and the intensity find way to my legs and seep deep under the tissue giving strength and endurance.  Each impact between foot and concrete, the ground surrenders and has no choice but to carry me faster and farther.

Running in Seattle metropolitan, all choice routes are not without pause for the line up of traffic signals are in abundance and are quite extensive in fluctuation.  For this reason, I am “that” runner that does not stop and will run in place while patiently awaiting my signal to go.

Periodically, a piece in my playlist cues up an astoundingly fast, fun and bouncy tune that not only possess my feet in the groove but my bum too.  Admittedly, more often than not, I simply have to bust a curbside move.  Once the signal is go, the curbside rave is put on hold until the next intersection.

With the weather fighting to bring warmth and signal in the new season, the morning skies are being lit with breathtaking hues, the air is clean and refreshingly rejuvenating and all I want to do is bust a run!


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