Caviar Confession

I confess, it was premeditated.

The research I gathered on my target needed to be confirmed, exact location and time schedule, regardless of carefully laid out plans.

Running past, I casually slowed my pace as if I was tired.  I peered through the windows and checked the details… confirmation.  As I picked up the pace and continued my run, I felt a slight sensation of relief overcome me.

My run ends and I had to backtrack my steps; therefore, I made several stops to prime myself for the target.  Coffee, breakfast, more coffee and a casual stroll, since I knew for certainty the time frame was wide enough for me to pull off the task at hand.

Nearing the target, a friendly dog walked up from behind, sniffs me and my leftover breakfast box.  As I make casual conversation with the dog I noticed the owner behind me.  He seemed friendly enough and his smile was quite genuine as we exchanged a brief conversation in passing.

Step after step I pondered the irony of this person taking part in my target and the moment they passed, wished me a good day, made a slight turn of the body and stopped, I instantly knew my instincts were spot on.

Unlocking the door, they looked back at me with a slight hesitated expression.  With butterflies in my stomach, I tried to keep my composure and not appear too excited as I proclaimed what a coincidence that we’re entering into the same place.

Seattle Caviar…

I confess, it was completely premeditated for me to be at this place at this moment and the journey prior to was an experience so spectacular.

Caviar is salted-cured fish eggs, roe, and is considered to be a delicacy therefore is presented as a garnish or a spread.  Ikura, salmon roe, was my initial introduction to “caviar”.  Whenever I am out for sushi, Ikura is always in the line up of my selections.

Although it was not my first visit to the restaurant, the first time I had caviar; in the traditional reference, wild sturgeon; was at Loulay Kitchen & Bar.

The moment I spotted “Chef In The Hat Favorite; Organic Scrambled Egg, lime crème fraîche, white sturgeon caviar” on the menu, my already curious interest was peeked with desire and enthusiasm.  Each time I visited Loulay, my eyes would gravitate immediately to that menu item; yet, I kept toying with the decision and finally, one day, my husband ordered it on my behalf without warrant and hesitation.

Gently presented before me was a soft and airy cloud of lime crème fraîche that sat atop a delicate egg shell filled with milky organic scrambled egg and artfully garnished with caviar… …caviar… it just rolls off the tongue… c.a.v.i.a.r…  instantaneously, a pleasurable sensation radiated throughout from the moment it touched my lips… caviar…

In all disclosure, I have grand fantasies of becoming a connoisseur of cuisines ranging from street to the finest of cuisines; however, I am behind the starting line; therefore, the road ahead is a long stretch… luckily I have a few pairs of running shoes!

Golden Whitefish; Coregonus hoyi

From the Great Lakes to lakes throughout North America, this is of the salmon family and is harvested specifically for their roe today.  Although considered to be a lesser valued roe, the color and textural properties left me in aw.



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