Why Run?

Why run?…

Growing up, my father was an avid runner.  A couple of times I attempted to join him on his runs… what was he thinking?… soreness, sweat, lack of breath… this sucks!

After having a child, I was my heaviest ever, 172 pounds.  Before you scoff, keep in mind that I am under 5 feet tall.  I have always been a physically active person but struggled with my weight throughout life.  I wanted… I needed to work on becoming healthy as a new mom but the rigorous schedule of a baby is challenging.

I demanded a treadmill.  Unbeknownst to me, the treadmill set me up to become a runner. With easy access and no time constraints, I was able to walk whenever I wanted without leaving home or my child.

The first time I attempted to run, I was not able to complete five minutes.  This was quite disheartening; yet, something clicked inside my brain as the bell rang and the fight was on between the treadmill and myself.

I set a goal to work up to twenty minutes of consecutive  running and this took me almost half a year to reach.  After that I set another goal for the challenge became a hunger.

Now, I am a long-distance runner that accumulates 75+ miles weekly.  I run outside, as my treadmill collects dust, in the city I love, exploring, eating and meeting people I never would have before.

Why run?  I love it!


S’more’s Sundae from Shug’s Soda Fountain in Pike Place Market

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